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Manage your anger

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Our purpose is to provide an anger management counseling alternative to traditional long-term domestic violence models. While our program is accepted by the local court as anger management intervention, we are not a domestic violence program.


Staff members are certified by IAODAPCA and / or licensed by IDFPR. Clinicians leading the anger management program are specifically trained to provide anger management treatment. We have staff members that are certified by the National Anger Management Association!


• Gathering information to identify the nature and extent of

  problematic behavior

• Making recommendations based on information gathered

• Clients are assessed to determine if they are

  right for this program

• Client must bring relevant court documents if they are being

  referred for a legal matter

Our classes

• 12-week course

• Lectures

• Group discussions

Our purpose

Topics discussed

• The purpose and function of anger

• Diffusing anger

• Managing stress

• Anger vs. assertiveness

• Anger and forgiveness

• Stop blaming / accepting responsibility

• Self-awareness with respect to anger

• Learning and practicing healthy choices that help cope with anger